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Popular makeup artist services

Bridal makeup

Includes a trial makeup session, where I select and test together with the client. Makeup adjustments are made until the client is completely satisfied.

Daytime makeup

Takes 30-40 minutes. Daytime makeup includes the perfect tone with matte or glossy finish, light contouring, blush and highlighter, eye makeup, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Express makeup

Takes 15-20 minutes and includes an even tone, eyebrows, eyelashes, lip gloss and a little highlighter. Based on creamy textures, it can be done without a sponge or brushes.

Cocktail makeup

Takes 40-60 minutes. For cocktail makeup I will give you a perfect tone with contouring, blush and highlighter, emphasising either the eyes or the lips.

My work
I have done makeup for many different occasions including bridal, photo shoots, evening makeup, day makeup and much more.
About me

Hi, I'm Anastasia, freelance makeup artist. I'm here to make your life easier, and you even more beautiful. Friends and strangers looking after you for a long time.

Services & prices
Express makeup | €30
Express makeup takes 15-20 minutes and includes an even tone, eyebrows, eyelashes, lip gloss and a little highlighter. Express makeup does not use shadows, pencils and texture stands. This is a type of makeup based on creamy textures and can be done without a sponge or brushes.

Facial cleansing and makeup base. serum or matting base. The ideal tone is not a dense texture, most often it is CC or BB, cream fluid. This type of makeup is suitable for normal skin without rashes, an obvious vascular network, dark circles and the absence of the need for an explicit correction. This type of make-up is not designed for a thorough study of the skin and hiding all defects. Corrector under the eyes Highlighter and blush In eye makeup, only mascara is used and, at the request of the client, the colour base on the eyes (cream). Eyebrows are not formed. Combed by natural growth and fixed with a colourless gel. In lip makeup, a gloss or tint is used at the client's choice. Finish with powder in the T zone. Makeup lock not used.
Daytime makeup | €40
Daytime makeup takes 30-40 minutes and includes the perfect tone (matte or glossy finish), light contouring, blush and highlighter; eyebrow makeup with shadows, pencil or pomade for eyebrows, eyelashes. Eye makeup is done in light shades using 1-2 colours; lip makeup is done with a pencil, matte or glossy lipstick in nude shades.

Day makeup does not include eyeliner or lip contours.
Cocktail makeup | €45
Cocktail makeup takes 40-60 minutes and includes the perfect tone, contouring, blush, highlighter. In cocktail make-up, one emphasis is chosen on the eyes (eyeliner, light shading) or on the lips (bright colour and a clear outline). Smokey eyes are not included in the cocktail make-up.
Evening makeup | €60
Evening make-up takes 60-90 minutes and includes smokey eyes, the use of bright and rich shades, the application of pigments and a lot of shine.

The cost of makeup includes false eyelashes or tufts. Also, the client can come with their own.
Bridal makeup | €230
The need for trial bridal makeup
Why do you need a trial wedding makeup? Of course, in order for the image of the client on their special day to be perfect and thought out to the smallest detail in order to avoid any unpleasant moments and force majeure that may arise.
Trial wedding makeup can be divided into two sections: consultation and makeup itself.

The most valuable part of a test make-up is the time that I can devote to the bride and information that will be very useful in everyday life. The makeup test can take anywhere from 40 minutes to three hours. This is necessary in order to provide recommendations for preparing the skin on the wedding day, in order to decide on the makeup itself and to work out several options for references, taking into account all the wishes of the client, the stylistics of the wedding itself, and to do everything so that the whole image looks as harmonious as possible.

Trial stages of wedding makeup
During the trial make-up, all products are selected and tested together with the client. Make-up adjustments are made until the client is completely satisfied. Trial makeup must be completed with a brief summary of the products that were used in its creation and a photo of the client, so that on the wedding day, you can repeat everything exactly 1in1. Having approved the test makeup, the future bride can be calm and confident in her excellent image and no surprises will be waiting for her. Based on test makeup, you can accurately predict the time it takes to complete the makeup. It is always much easier and faster to repeat the makeup according to the established scheme.

After the makeup test, I have time to prepare the necessary products and tools that the bride herself will need on her wedding day to touch up her makeup.
Fashion makeup | €70
Makeup express photo shoot | €80
Eyelashes | €10
Eye patch, mask | €10
Men's makeup | €50
Men's makeup is used not only by movie, pop and television stars, but also politicians. Public people often have to speak in front of an audience, they are filmed by video cameras, spotlights are directed at them and in order for their faces to look perfect on the screen, it is necessary to use special makeup products that allow you to remove unnecessary shine, eliminate dark circles under the eyes or give the skin a fresher look.
Kids express makeup | €15
Kids everyday makeup | €20
Kids evening makeup | €30
These rates include travel within Paphos. If travel outside of Paphos is required, an additional €30 charge will apply.
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